Individual Payroll Service

Are you looking for the stability of being a W2 employee without sacrificing the flexibility of contracting?

Are you tired of hassling with invoicing, waiting to be paid, 1099’s and self employment taxes?

Do you need access to health insurance?

Harper Hewes Executive Search offers Payroll Services to individuals working as independent contractors. As a W2 employee you’ll receive a regular paycheck from our Payroll Partner. They handle all the taxes and payroll deductions. Our Payroll Partner then invoices the company for your services. You’ll also have access to health insurance and other benefits.

Play with the Payroll Calculator below to see if this makes sense for you. You can enter your hourly rate (salary equivalent) to see what the company would be charged. Or you can enter the amount the company is willing to pay to see what you would earn on a W2. Please feel free to call or email if you have questions.

Payroll Calculator