A Different Kind of Outplacement 

Mis-hires happen. Mergers happen. Reorganizations happen.

You know you have to do it. Sometimes it's the person on your team who’s just in the wrong role. It's that territory that's not producing. You've realigned teams. You need a hunter, but have a farmer.You've integrated an acquisition and now have double coverage. The business has evolved but the VP of Sales hasn't. Whatever your situation... Business reality dictates a change. You feel bad about it but you have to let someone go.

Soften the blow. Include outplacement services as part of the severance package.

We know what works. For 25 years we've recruited sales, professional services and consulting roles for software companies, consultancies and IT services providers. We've recruited and placed at all levels from senior individual contributors to senior executives. We've reviewed tens of thousands of resumes. We've set up thousands of interviews and coached candidates to offer. We are uniquely positioned to help your exiting employees make a swift transition back into the marketplace and into the next phase of their careers. We know how to open doors. We know how to coach candidates to put their best foot forward.  We know how to get results.

Our Outplacement Package is tactical and focused. We only work with the types of candidates we place. Our goal is to get your exiting employee prepped, organized and back to work as quickly as possible. We’re not shrinks, or career counselors, or cheerleaders.  We are action oriented and lead the exiting employee through a defined process. We know how to get interviews and we know how to get people hired.

The Outplacement Package is individualized but structured. This is a one on one, virtual service. The exiting employee proceeds at their own pace. We provide the support and coaching they need, the documents they need and a plan. The process consists of three phases:


  • Getting Started Checklist
  • Social Media / Personal Branding Review
  • Activity Tracker
  • Defining targets - research and strategy 


  • Resume Template, Review and Consultation Call
  • Interview Prep Template and Interview Coaching Call
  • LinkedIn Profile Review and Recommendations
  • Cover letter, email and follow up mail templates


  • Introduction to our 1100 member recruiting network
  • Introduction to our LinkedIn network of over 12,000 first level connections
  • 2 Additional hours of one on one coaching on employee selected topics     

For individual and volume pricing, or for more information, email outplacement@harperhewes.com or use our Contact Us form.