Although Harper Hewes is a small firm, we make a big impact on our candidates’ careers. We firmly believe that recruiting is a people-centric business, and present the person behind the resume – that means that your personal and professional goals and aspirations must be weighted equally with those of our client companies.

We take our candidates’ success as seriously as our own, and endeavor to offer opportunities that provide short term gains as well as long term potential. You can help us accomplish this by providing complete information relative to your goals, status and financial considerations, and by taking time to reflect upon and understand the type of opportunity that makes sense for you at this stage of your career.

We’re in it for the long haul and look forward to working with you over the span of your career. Whether or not we’re able to facilitate your current career move, we hope you’ll take advantage of the information on our site and in our blog.

We treat our candidates with honesty, respect and confidentiality. We will not present your resume without your knowledge.