Harper Hewes has been instrumental in helping our organization recruit two current technology division CEOs.
— Vice President, Software Startup

Your natural talent in recognizing individuals’ intrinsic values and your ability to combine this knowledge with career opportunities are truly commendable. You succeeded not only in fulfilling my professional wishes but also in achieving a fit both with the company’s culture and upper management. Your expertise made all the difference.
— Senior Director, Consulting and Services

You are one of the most professional and thorough recruiters that I have worked with, and certainly hope to do business with you from the ‘other side of the desk.’
— Partner, Top 10 Consultancy

Debbie has been the most responsive and helpful recruiter I have ever had the pleasure to know, and I would recommend her wholeheartedly to anyone seeking a new position.
— Candidate, Global Consulting Principal

I have worked with Harper Hewes over the past 7 years. Debbie was always in tune with my needs and presented slates of well-qualified candidates.
— Corporate VP, Fortune 500

Harper Hewes was instrumental in helping us recruit key leadership and senior managers including a division President to the telecommunications company.
— Senior Manager HR, Telecom

Over the last nine years, Harper Hewes has been extremely responsive in helping me find senior managers and executives for both my current and previous employers.
— Vice President, Healthcare Startup

The thing that differentiates... Harper Hewes enters into a partnership with your company and delivers candidates who have a proven track record.
— Director, HR & Staffing, Financial Services

Most importantly Harper Hewes was a partner always in touch with the rapidly evolving business environment I operated in.
— Corporate VP, Fortune 500

Harper Hewes has always provided me with quality candidates that have exceeded my expectations.
— HRIS Manager, Biotech

The best testament to their work is that all the people we hired through their firm are still on the job and prospering.
— Vice President, Global Systems Integration, Fortune 500

Harper Hewes is different... it is the difference between finding a needle in a haystack because you are lucky versus farming the hay to identify the needle.
— VP Professional Services, Fortune 1000

Working with Harper Hewes has been a very professional and altogether enjoyable process. The positions presented fit my experience and career goals. I feel I have a very strong partner working on my behalf.
— Candidate - Senior Account Executive, Enterprise Software

Debbie is a person of high integrity, has a tremendous work ethic, and cares about the people she works with. You would be fortunate to have Debbie in your corner.
— Candidate, Business Development Executive

Debbie exceeded all of my expectations. She is a consummate professional who struck exactly the right balance between the needs/confidentiality of both the employer and me as a candidate.
— Senior Director, Software

She is able to rapidly identify quality talent. I cannot speak highly enough about the results she has produced for me over the years.
— Senior Executive, Consulting and Services