Interim Executive Services

Interim Executives bring a wealth of business and leadership experience, and can step in immediately to temporarily fill an unexpected opening on your management team. Interim Executives are ideal for kick starting special programs and projects and can provide valuable mentoring for younger executives. If your firm is involved in a turn around, merger or acquisition, is integrating newly acquired product lines or launching a new product line, establishing a new sales and marketing campaign or implementing a large system, an Interim Executive may be the best solution.

Our Interim Executives serve as interim officers or mid-level managers and present themselves as members of your company to industry analysts, presentation audiences, and customers.

Typical interim assignments last three to six months, fulltime or several days/hours per week. Our Interim Executives are skilled in sales, marketing, human resources and recruiting,CIO/CTO, program and project management and finance.

Interim Executive Services (IES), a division of Harper Hewes, Inc., provides proven senior executives for short term or shared assignments for companies going through a period of crisis, rapid growth, change or transition.

When to Use Interim Executives

  • Sudden departure of mission critical executive.
  • To reposition products in marketplace or enter new markets.
  • Reevaluate and rejuvenate sales.
  • Evaluate IT’s performance and make improvement decisions.
  • Write a business plan for a new division or a new product.
  • In preparation for IPO, merger or acquisition.

What Does Interim Management Offer?

  • Speed – executives can be in place in days.
  • Experience – executives will be more than qualified for the position they are taking on.
  • Objectivity – brings fresh prospective.
  • Accountability – serve as line managers and not consultants.
  • Effectiveness – authority to effect significant change.
  • Mentoring – coaching your current team to lead and make better decisions.

Who Uses Interim Executives?

  • Emerging and startup companies.
  • Small to medium companies with specific needs or critical problems.
  • Companies that need to fill a mission critical position while recruiting a permanent replacement.

Why Use Interim Executives?

  • Pay by day, week,or month without having to commit to head count and benefits.
  • Open position is filled immediately, while search for full time executive is conducted.
  • Jump start mission critical problems and initiatives with over qualified executives.
  • Implement and manage rather than consult or advise.
  • Catalyst to effect change.